100716 Henry Baidu entries (on July 14th, 2010)

Title: Long time no see!!!!! :D:D:D

Source: Henry Baidu
Translation: InweTinuviel @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Hello strings! Long time no see!
It’s been so long since I said “HELLO!” to you all hehe
How are you? Are you are still there? ^^ I really really really really really miss you all!
sorry! I’ve been really busy lately..so I wasn’t able to ‘update’ you all about me. Sorry!!
I’m currently studying at Berklee (America) Unversity. The weather here is good. Able to eat a lot of food too! Sometimes I even will go outside to sun-tan! hehe^^ Don’t worry about me!
Hopefully I would be able to learn a lot of things so that I can produce better music for everyone… for strings!
Everyday, I practice, study and learn, just for you! Don’t think that I had forgotten about everyone!
I hope that everyone is doing well… eating well.. and studying hard.
I will see everyone soon. Wait awhile more for me, ok? I will show everyone a better “Henry”! I promise

I love you all and take care
15:00 GMT+8 (KST 16:00)


shai tai yan ^^ oops!
15:07 GMT+8 (KST 16:07)

tai yang **
15:07 GMT+8 (KST 16:07)

T/N: For “shai tai yan” and “tai yang”, it’s to makeup a typo he made in his original comment (sai tai yang, which should be shai tai yang)


“Sick of Love”…the company haven’t agreed to it yet 😦
I’m really sorry for letting you all wait for so long.
I wish they would release “S.O.L” soon to let everyone listen to it
I’m writing a lot of better songs… everyone would be able to listen to them soon!
15:14 GMT+8 (KST 16:14)


I’m going to sleep! It’s already 3!
bye bye! I love you all!
I have an exam tomorrow &&
bye bye
Cheer me on!
15:23 GMT+8 (KST 16:23)

Source: Henry Baidu
Translation: InweTinuviel @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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