100713 Inkigayo Magazine June Issue: Part 1

Q: To Super Junior, a group who debuted 6 years ago and who is now a “middle aged” group. What does the stage mean to you ?

Leeteuk : To me, a stage is like herbal medicine. The is no other medicine like the stage which can make you feel better and give you the energy you need. Whenever i feel down or tired, the moment i stand on stage, i forget that i am actually tired and there’s this energy in me which i dont even know myself which just comes out. I think the stage, to me is a big part of my life.. how should i put it,, like a good friend ?

Heechul: a stage is just a stage … there’s no modifier needed.

Sungmin: to me … a stage is a thought/worries

Q: This album came out after you guys going through such an “eventfull” time. You must have also made a promise to yourselves.. Also, what do think of when you are tired or going through a hard time ?

Leeteuk: i think to myself that tomorrow will be a better day, and that whenever there is a bad time there will also be a good time. when i think more positively i can get a more positive result.

Heechul: When im down, i look at our debut pictures and think back of those memories. Because when i debut, i didnt know anything and i was just happy..

Sungmin: I think of my parents and gain back my strength.

Q: Last year, your 3rd album <Sorry Sorry> sold over 250 thousand albums, and put you on the top album sales. I think you must have some pressure with the 4th album, do you have any plans to attract your fans ?

Leeteuk: I want to show them a new side of us. Sometimes we showed a not so good side of us and sometimes a side of us tottering. But this time i want to avoid all those and show a good, healthy, strong side of us. And sometimes a lovely side of us too !

Heechul: I think in Super Junior, “Unity” is the most important thing. I want to make a 4th album which has us all of us tight, together.

Sungmin : When we started our activities for our 4th album. The members bodies were so muscular and fit that they could be even called as “쌔끈남” [ handsome and sexy men]. I want to attract our fans with our members fit bodies haha.

Article credits to : Inkigayo magazine [ June ]
Article founded by: stalker93 @ sapphirepearls.com
Translated by : teukiebiased @ sapphirepearls.com
Reup/Shared : teukiebiased @ sapphirepearls.com
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