Super Junior and SJ-World on Indonesian Magazine

Go Girl, Indonesian magazine wrote about Super Junior on the latest edition… and they also included SJ-World and UNICEF project ^^
The article mostly talking about super junior in general, like the members and their debut and also their album…

1. SJ-World (Suju biggest fanbase) donated amount of money to UNICEF on May 19 to celebrate the band’s comeback with their 4th album
2. Want to know more about Super Junior? let’s join their fanclub at
also i pointed with arrow that they put credit to us ( and they also wrote my name there (it said instead -ńine亀~♪ ^^)

credit : -ńine亀~♪

    • Veedictator
    • July 7th, 2010

    Yes..oh i’m indonesian and i live in jakarta..waah..i want to buy that magazine but i think its sold out..haha..usually its sold out just 2 days..
    K-pop fandom in indonesia is so big so i always can’t get the magazine coz another kpop fans are faster to buy than me..T.T

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