Hangeng 35 000 000RMB to create new album, visits many countries for filming

Hangeng sets out afresh with his solo album 《Geng Xin》while he holds concerts on 17th and 18th July at the Beijing Exhibition Theater. It is reported that over 35 000 000RMB was used to create Hangeng’s new album, using a helicopter to flim scenes from the bird’s eye view in America, New Zealand and Korea. Whether it comes to the image quality or manpower and equipment, investments are up to movie making standards.

Hangeng’s fresh start is indeed one with generous inputs as posters advertising Hangeng’s first solo concert 《Geng Xin》 can be seen in train stations, on public transport vehicles and at movie theatres and various city airports. Advertisement at various airports would already amount up to 25 000 000RMB.

The MV preview for 《Geng Xin》would give one an even more shocking effect, visual wise. The whole album’s production costs exceeds 10 million, including going to America to invite the dance group which Micheal Jackson used to create the main track’s dance; asking along the Chinese music industry’s top producers Yuan Wei Ren, A-Di Zai, Fang Wen Shan and many more to join hands in creating music; an MV production team of more than 30 to flim scenes at America, New Zealand, and Korea, with the help of helicopters multiple times, seeking perfection in terms of quality and giving a shocking effect.

These multiple signs show Hangeng’s confidence and determination in his fresh start while from the album and concert’s elaborate production, we can see the sincerity that is coming from the bottom of Hangeng’s heart.

Source: Sina
Shared by exultation @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Translated by bulletproof @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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