100704 Donghae Fanaccount Inkigayo Rehearsal

Inkigayo Rehearsal + Recording’s Fan Account

1. During the first recording, at the second half of the dance, Donghae’s position is at the back left-hand side of the stage. Because of the settings of the stage, Donghae doesn’t have any space to dance, so he only stood there, not moving his legs, only moving his hands. Then at the end, he just turned around and faced the wall, with his back facing his members and the fans. He looked very innocent, as if he is being wronged, and looking very cute

2. During the second recording, the moment Donghae stepped on the stage, Sungmin faked kicking Donghae’s butt. Donghae acted like he had suffered >< Then Yesung also came over and faked kicking Donghae’s butt, Donghae continued acting pitiful. Then Eunhyuk also came over and ‘kicked’ his butt. Then Donghae turned back to those who kicked him, and pretended to take out a book from his pocket, pointing towards those who ‘kicked’ him, acting like he is going to write down their names. Then he turned and did a HEART sign to Eunhyuk.

3. At the second half of the second recording, Donghae keep whacking Sungmin’s butt and Eunhyuk’s butt, totally being mischievous (Mr. Lee, don’t you know it is still a recording?)

4. At the second recording, there is a dance action, and Donghae hugged Eunhyuk’s waist from the back. The fans below the stage were screaming like crazy.

5. Next, when recording for the third time, there is a little gap (hole) at the back of the stage’s setting. All the members came out from it. But Shindong was being ‘thrown out’. And when Sungmin tried to come out, he was being pulled by someone, and couldn’t come out. Then, the one that is responsible for all these walked out, ah~ its Lee Donghae =_=|||

6. When preparing to record for the 3rd time, all the members were on stage preparing. Heechul was talking to Donghae, then he made Donghae bend 90degree, and danced the dance moves from 4Minutes’ new song.

7. During the 3rd recording, Lee Donghae smacked Kyuhyun’s butt…

8. At the end of the recording, Donghae ‘threw’ the two members that was at his side (not sure who) into the gap (at the setting). Then he slowly walked inside…. =_=|||

9. During the proper live broadcast, because the broadcast has been recorded earlier, all the members are more relax when they were dancing. When Heechul is out dancing, because he saw the host was looking at him, perhaps the action is too cute, but he felt shy and kept trying hard not to LOL.

10. During live broadcast, when it ended, Donghae waved towards the ELFs sitting at the back.

11. After the show, when Donghae came out from SBS Building, he already changed into his own blue T-shirt, carrying his bag, holding on to a small fan, waving happily to the fans outside.

12. When the car was on the road, Kyuhyun poked his head out from the top of the car, waving to the fans like a leader. Then Donghae also poked his head out, waving to the fans also.

Credit: 海世代
News from: Coco
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com

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