100617 Youngstreet Transcript

100617 Heechul Youngstreet Transcript

Translated from korean to chinese by 80后花瓣部落,翻译:梦希(dreamchul),影素(影子的素描),韧霜。*There are many listener texting in, not only one listener. It’s just that I don’t label them as “Listener 1:”, “Listener 2:”*

Heechul: After the last World Cup broadcast, there’s a listener who said I started a new chapter of live football.. I have no idea whether he’s praising me, or being sarcastic… Today’s first text-messaging discussion is : Where are you while supporting (the SK team)? On the streets or at home? Please send your texts over..

drama53 replied “Fried Chicken”
Last week was our first match with Greece but I was working in a fried chicken shop for the whole day. There were calls for delivery and I don’t know if they are going to watch the match while eating chicken or were using the match as an excuse to eat chicken. At this moment, there is a call with a sweet lady at the other end. She says she’s at Han River Park’s swimming pool, and wanted two chickens. Charged with energy after listening to her voice, I tossed away my apron and rushed down to Han River Park and saw a lady with long, straight hair.
So I asked her : Did you order chicken?
She turned her head : Yea……
Oh my god she scared me. She was a 40+ years old woman and was totally different from what I had expected. At this moment my phone rang and it was that sweet-voice lady asking me why I’m taking so long. I turned my head and went, “Wow.” An angel-like girl was standing infront of me. Oh, it’s because that previous lady called chicken from another store. After I gave that angel-like girl her chicken, I also successfully got her number. All thanks to World Cup and fried chicken for my great luck. I didn’t go to the chicken store today to work, I went to watch World Cup at Han River with that girl…

Listener: Why is there such a good ending? It should stopped at the story of the 40+ years old lady…
Heechul: Hehe, our Youngstreet family all don’t like happy endings. My listeners are beginning to be more like Kim Heechul…
Listener: Fried chicken can bring fate along with them. Why doesn’t SJ bring fate too? Today SJ’s concert ticket website system isn’t working…
Heechul: Oh, you’re talking about our concert? Tickets start today, and it has been number 1 on search sites since morning

Heechul: I don’t understand why you must eat fried chicken, pizza. Jjajangmyeon and such dishes aren’t allowed though. Can someone explain it to me.
Listener: Because for football matches, beer are a must, and chicken and beer are a perfect match.
Listener: Because the sauce for chicken is red. Isn’t red supporting our red devils.
Heechul: If it’s like this why don’t you eat spicy jjajangmyeon or eat chicken feet
Listener: Beer is meant for World Cup…
Listener: Since beer is better than soju, fried chicken is better than chicken feet.
Heechul: Why do I drink soju and eat chicken feet while watching World Cup with Defconn? Today I’m watching World Cup live, and I don’t even get the member’s names… So I told Defconn to come so I could learn… Ah, Chang-ryeol hyung is here too, he knows that I’m lonely
Kim Chang Ryeol: Yea. Just now I saw you going to sing “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”. But I need to go soon. Wa, there’s television
Heechul: Yea, last week’s live was irrational because I have no understanding for World Cup. So the staff also helped me prepare and I called Defconn over, he should be here soon. Watching World Cup isn’t about the ball only, but it’s more fun watching with friends. So today, we invited Defconn. I know he’s very busy, so he is very kind to come over today for guesting..
Defconn: Yea, indeed. I came here today because we are brothers… I saw your broadcast the other day and you looked reluctant…
Heechul: Yea, but our PD don’t let… If today you won’t be coming to radio what will you be doing?
Defconn: Definitely at the pub with a 500cc beer and watch the match
Heechul: Wah, I feel like drinking now, can we call for beer?
Defconn: Will the staff let?
Heechul: Isn’t this a special occasion? Anyways, please predict today’s score
Defconn: 2:1, our country wins
Heechul: That day when we were playing your “국가대표”, our country scored a goal. (T/N : 국가대표 = one of the songs in Defconn’s Macho Museum. English-wise, it should be National Athlete? I’m not very sure about this so I put in the hangul instead. )

Heechul: I want to tell the listeners this : Today Defconn is supposed to go watch the match outside, but because of me he is here. My mood today is 50% better than last week’s. Last week was basically – 20%. Today Defconn came over to my show specially, (Defconn coughs), just cough, it’s alright..
Defconn: You look restless today, so I used my fastest speed and rushed over
Heechul: It’s nice with Defconn here, I have more confidence in my broadcast today. kekeke f(x)’s Sulli is here, petals, is there enough mics? f(x) is supposed to come over tomorrow instead, but just now Sulli text me saying that my voice is quite weak, and wanted to come over after it ended, and instead, all five came! So good~
Sulli: We come over specially to give Heechul-oppa support.
Heechul: So happy, you are so good to friends. You five like football?
f(x): Yes.
Heechul: Since there isn’t schedule today, let’s watch the match.
Defconn: I see you and Amber’s relationship is just normal
Heechul: Victoria is very polite. She’s from China, and her greeting would be, “Hello everybody” (Imitating in a incorrect manner)
Listener: Just you shouted I thought there is a goal
Sulli: Actually I’m supposed to guest at YS tomorrow.
Heechul: You see our Sulli is so trustworthy, giving her useless oppa support. Just now SK lost a ball… It’s alright, it’s not that we kicked badly… Everybody please support our team members
Defconn: Hee-DJ, you are so popular, look at all these messages.
Heechul: Normally I mind loyalty very much, so seeing Defconn and Sulli here, I’m very thankful.
Defconn: Don’t be like this. It’s because you treat people like this, so people treat you like this. Could you help me get Boa out and eat together someday
Heechul: I was abit depressed of why you said this, so it’s all for Boa. But I told Boa to watch movie together. Ohya, I still need to watch “How to train your dragon” with Yoona.
Defconn: I’m not interested in Yoona

Heechul: (watching World Cup) Aish, what is that blue balloon for?
Defconn: That is ELF who are supporting SK. ELF are so great
Heechul: Haha, you’re just crapping right.. So funny! Although we are not of standard compared to Argentina, but we have 12 members, that will be our support.
Defconn: I think that this World Cup doesn’t only shows SK’s potential, but also the whole of Asia’s power… There goes a own-goal. It’s alright. It’s alright.
Heechul: Is that an offside? I know what’s an offside.
Defconn: Ahh, it’s still judged as a goal.
Heechul: That man who a lot of mustache is Maradona, am I right? Let us play a song, and cheer for SK, boo for Argentina
Listener: Let’s listen to Rain’s “Love Song” to catch Argentina’s players. (T/N: I have no idea whats the joke or pun here. Sorry ><)
Listener: I would like to dedicate “Call Me” to the SK Coach.
Heechul: Argentina has Messi now and he runs very fast, and is being called the second Maradona.
Defconn: Messi and Park Jisung has good relationship
Listener: Listen to Yesung’s “It Has to be You”. They have to get into Top 16.
Heechul: Yea, they have to win. I’m so nervous now, although I don’t really like football.. but looking at the broadcast I’m still very nervous..
Listener: Listening to the two hosts, I’m also getting surprised now and then.
Heechul: Please understand, both of us are paranoid, so when you don’t hear anything from us, listeners get nervous. Although I don’t really like sports, I’m still very nervous.
In, in Lee Chungyong, got in..
Ah, seeing the big-mustache Maradona nervous.. Our team’s spirit rose..
Wawawa, it got in. Ah ah hold on
Ah, we shall listen to “Naeng Myeon”. (T/N: Park Myungsoo with Jessica)
Defconn: Seems that the next broadcast… live would be better
Heechul: Don’t anyhow speak these words
Listener: If it goals while playing “Beauty”, how great.

Heechul: Putting Park Myungsoo’s song, it goal-ed
Defconn: Wa, Lee Chungyong player
Heechul: Let’s play Park Myungsoo’s “Prince of the Sea” later
Listener: I wish to listen to SJ’s “Miracle”, and pray that there will be a miracle.
Heechul: There are quite a number who says they want to listen to “Miracle”. As I always play “Beauty” or “Sorry Sorry”, people say I play with favourites, listening to “Miracle” should be no problem.
Defconn: Then play “Beauty”, it’s alright
Heechul: I played that for many times.
Defconn: I advise everybody to be open about the own-goal, don’t be too over.
Heechul: Everybody, seeing Defconn saying this, he really means it and hopes that everyone controls themselves. You seem to be very good now
Defconn: I’ve been like that always.
Listener: First half have finished, everybody is queueing up at the toilet
Defconn: I don’t know if they came back
Heechul: This is Maradona. He was a legend.
Defconn: He was a good player and created troubles though
Listener: Who cares about him. Let’s listen to Park Myungsoo’s song
Heechul: Okay, “Prince of the Sea”
There is so many people picking Park Myungsoo’s songs now.
Oh no, my throat is hoarse. I still need to do recording tomorrow. Big trouble
Defconn: I need to attend a concert tomorrow.. Seeing that today is the match, let’s support today’s match first
Heechul: Ah, our chances are lesser..
Defconn: Ah, Messi is too small, I cant see him..
Heechul: Today I’m so thankful to Defconn, say the last sentence
Defconn: South Korea hwaiting, Youngstreet hwaiting!

Source: Kim Heechul Baidu
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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