Super Junior Kyuhyun confesses, “I work out because of our Hoobaes [juniors] who are coming up so fast .. ”

On this weeks “음악여행 라라라’ [ “Music Journey/travel  LALALA”]  Super Junior members are planning to tell us the thoughts/worries of how an Idol group should live, and also on top of that they will share their honest thoughts and worries which are related to music.

Since, Super Junior is known as the Idol star, even the members themselves were pitying themselves of the fact that they didn’t have any worries in music. They showed that they are trying hard and their best to be more “mature” in music by working hard on either the pieces of song they chose or composed.

Also, the youngest, Kyuhyun told how to last long as an “icon” of being an idol singer, by always trying new things and to “develop yourself.” He also made the whole studio laugh by telling that he is working out hard right now because of his Juniors, who are coming up so fast. [ as in popularity]

Also, Donghae revealed that he wants to be in a relationship, and Sungmin wants to be a successful musical singer/actor.

12:35am on the 23rd. On “music travel/journey LALALA”‘s “first half year anniversary” [ 6months celebration] Super Junior, f(x), 국카스텐 [Guckkasten], Park Sae Byul, 짙은, Jung In, IU and more … singers of different genres and individuality will be having a joint stage.

Article credits to : TV Daily
Article founded by: stalker93 @
Translated by : teukiebiased @
Reup/Shared: teukiebiased @
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