THE HOTTEST KPOP SONGS OF 2010 (June 14- June 20, 2010)

20. Lee Hyori- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (down 3 spots)
19. T-Max- Don’t Be Rude (new entry)
18. Untouchable- Merry Go Round (highest new entry)
17. 2PM- Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop (down 2 spots)
16. Big Bang- Tell Me Goodbye (2 weeks still… at no.16)
15. Infinite- Come Back Again (up 5 spots)
14. 2PM- Without U (down 2 spots; 1 week at no.1)
13. Gummy- As A Man (down 2 spots)
12. 4Minute- HuH (up 2 spots)
11. Lee Hyori ft. Dae Sung (Big Bang)- How Did We Get (down 1 spot)
10. Wonder Girls- 2 Different Tears (down 4 spots)
9. Davichi- Time, Please Stop (down 1 spot)
8. 8Eight- Farewell Is Coming (up 1 spot)
7. f(x)- Nu ABO ( 2 weeks still… at no.7; 2 weeks at no.1)
6. Super Junior- Bonamana (down 3 spots; 2 weeks at no.1)
5. Seo In Gook- Love U (up 8 spots)
4. 2PM- I Will Give You My Life (up 1 spot)
3. SS501- Love Ya (up 1 spot)
2. MBLAQ- Y (2 weeks still… at no.2)
1. C. N. Blue- Love (2 weeks at no.1)

Rain- Love Song
Secret- Do As You Please

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