100617 Donghae at a Press Conference in Thailand

Donghae at a Press Conference in Thailand

3 ways to be one of the lucky person with “Maxim Contact Lenses : Colourful Day with Donghae” party

1. SMS “Donghae and your fullname” to Channel [V] Thailand – 4 VIP seats (expired)

original source: here..

2. Email the answer about Donghae to ASIANISM True Inside – 10 person will have chance to play games with Donghae

Click it here for a video.

Here’s the video subbing:

Before Super Junior come to Thailand for Super Show 3, one of the member will coming here for a meeting with Thai ELFs on June 21st … He is “Lee Donghae”. He is coming here for press conference to be first solo presenter for Maxim Contact Lenses in Thailand in “Maxim Contact Lenses : Colourful Day with Donghae” party. This conference will be held at Grand Hall Siam Discovery, start at 1pm (Thailand time). The activities are cover dances, receive prize from Maxim contact lenses and push forward to be one of the llucky person who have chance to be close and play game with Donghae.
Today Asianism have an exclusive way to be one of the VIP guests by answer the question “What is the brand that Donghae is going to be a presenter for on June 21st?”. Email your full name, cellphone number and your answer to Asianism_Trueinside@hotmail.com within Friday, June18th. The organizer will contact back to 10 lucky people. You also can check http://www.facebool.com/Asianism orhttp://twitter.com/Asianism. This is the first time Donghae is coming to Thailand alone without the other Super Junior members. He also ask the organiser to tell all Thai ELF to visit him.
Let’s meet at Grand hall Siam Discovery on June21st…………

3. Bring Maxim Contact Lenses box compete for the 100 VIP seats and have chance to make eyes contact with Donghae

original source: here..

Credit: AmLoveSJ @ Twitter
Taken from: sujudaily.com
Translated and subbed by: mook_yeye @WeLoveRyeowook
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Please take out with full credit

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