100617 f(x) Sulli, “Kim HeeChul has teased me a lot when I was young, like saying that my feet smell”

f(x) Sulli talks about how she had cried a lot because of Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

During the girls’ appearance on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June, Sulli revealed, “Since I was young, Kim HeeChul had made fun for me a lot. He would tease me that my feet smell, or come up and ask me if I washed my hair. Because I was young, I have felt very hurt by them.”

But she added, “I have also teaser Kim HeeChul. I have smeared mud on his pants with a muddy ball.”

Meanwhile on the show hat day, Super Junior Kim HeeChul made a special appearance as he was filming MBC Come To Play at the same time too. He said, “Please love the f(x) dongsaengs.”

Source: MTStarNews
Translated by: KBites
shared by: xenxen@sj-world.net

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