[TUTORIAL] How To Register and Listen in SORIBADA

THIS IS FREE of charge!

Korean ELF have asked HELP from us.
Since the online ranking of 4th album is not good,
now is time for us to help them winning awards!

You know HeeChul and Donghae stated that online listening is very important in Twiiter.
Online listening count for 60%, tracks sold only count for 10-15%……

As only SBS and SORIBADA count in OVERSEAS ID,
others chart needs Korean ID or may block overseas IP address
so we can just focus on this two site first!!

now we need to gather all ELF power to support SUJU~

In Soribada, both pay and non-pay method also count in,
PAY method would be count in more !

If you DO have a visa card, you can also buy the song and listen to the full versions of the songs! HERE


Register site: HERE

In name fill,

  • use your REAL NAME in ID CARD or PASSPORT
  • Type in Hangul/Chinese
  • Click here for translation: HERE
  • Phone number: fill in country code in first box, other boxes just type in 4 numbers.
  • Country code check: HERE
  • Country name guideline:

26809960.jpg (800×688)

28786571.jpg (566×800)

17371715.jpg (566×800)

022av.jpg (566×800)

How to listen- Login: HERE

71407070.jpg (566×800)

40401505.jpg (566×800)

Easier way to add songs and listen!

Go to SUJU special page: BONAMANA

001yjv.jpg (566×800)

002nww.jpg (566×800)

003vd.jpg (566×800)

Ranking check:

87436262.jpg (566×800)

Important Notes:

Please logout before Korean time: 24:00 and login again after half a hour
(because Soribada will count in number in this period)

Each ID can watch MV once a day!! Remember to watch MV everyday^^
DON’T LEAVE MESSAGE AT THE SITE!! Marks will be deducted!!!

0801v.jpg (566×800)

89147867.jpg (566×800)

94038795.jpg (566×800)

Some problem you may have:

30148610.jpg (566×800)

30986226.jpg (566×800)

91126979.jpg (566×800)

credit: Kennis @ SJ-WORLD (thanks to you!^^)
shared by kinnyyLEE @ shiningbluey
Take out with full credit!

    • FairuzAmanina
    • July 9th, 2010

    HI! I’m Fai from Malaysia. well, i’ve been trying to sign up on Soribada about 3 hours. but still cant make an acc. sometimes its about username and wrong name format or something. what should i do? i think i dnt have enough information for it (i think). maybe you can help me. 🙂 Thank You

    -Fai, Malaysia-

    • username?
      I think you should use Hangeul for the username 🙂
      type your name to Hangeul .. try it ^^ if it still can’t sign up, tell me again 🙂

      • Anon
      • July 24th, 2011

      I was having the same problem, but then I realized that it was because you can only have lowercase letters. Maybe that’s your problem?

  1. thanks for the tutorial, but i know u can buy songs soribada, but can u buy music videos as well?

    • lee_kyu
    • July 24th, 2011

    i mean how type name in hangul??
    Can you help me

  2. please Viet – trans, i don’t undertand =.=

  3. Hey. I’m sorry but Soribada says that it’s not available for my country T___T I’m german ELF.
    So I tried to register to SBS cuz I have already an account there. But I dont know how to add songs into the playlists. Can u help me?

    • Ran
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Thanks for the tutorial but i can’t go to the part two of Step one.
    after i choose subscribe there’re these word appear above : 이름 and 외국인등록번호.
    can you help me please

  4. This Tutorial, If Want To Download Must Buying???

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