[TUTORIAL] How to buy the boy’s songs on Korean online sites (Soribada)

How to support the boys with Buy on online Korean site (Soribada) !

Soribada IS TAKEN IN CONSIDERATION by Music Bank And Inkigayo for the weekly/monthly charts and awards!!!
SO PLEASE BUY!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

► Only works if you have a VISA card (or other international cards like mastercard)
► There is no other way, so don’t ask how to do it if you don’t have a Visa.
► It will cost you 7700wons -Tax included- ( ~ USD 6.8) [ It’s a “music card” with it you will be able to download 40songs within the month! That means you can also easily get every other super junior 4집 when they are released]

Almost everything is in english so it’s very easy!
No need to register!


First go here

2.jpg (666×577)

3.jpg (802×473)

03.jpg (1022×492)

5.jpg (451×426)

6.jpg (438×364)

the pop up close as soon as you clicked confirmation!

Now go check your emails! You should have 2 mails: one with your bill to soribada, and the second with the card number!

7.jpg (623×611)

back to the main page


8.jpg (681×559)

put on your card number and valid!

you will be redirected to soribada main page

9.jpg (1023×492)

You can see your “special ID” at the top
now select Super Junior page~!


10.jpg (1023×525)

11.jpg (951×520)

And you are done!
It will ask you in which folder to save the song, there is no software to download, it’s like a direct download~~! ^^


There is something else you can do to help the boys on the charts! not only the downloads but also the listenings are counted~!
You just have to click one button then play it with the player at the top of the page, put it on loop (even keep it when you leave your room!! XD) Every single time you listen to it it will count! ^^ 100 listenings = counted 100 times.Etc.~

To know more about listening, follow THIS tutorial!!

Credits to Alice @ sj-world.net
I’ve spent two days looking around korean sites to find one working for foreigners so please credits if you take out.

    • Regi
    • August 2nd, 2011

    i have a doubt, when i buy de smart card, ijust must pay that price only once right? or does charge in my credit card every month?

  1. i clicked on the link (using IE) but it didnt have the BUY NOW part! what to do? :-s

  1. June 17th, 2010

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